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Pure water we use in our production process and wet towels; It is free of heavy metals, harmful chemicals, minerals, bacteria and organic substances.

The amount of ions in the water passed through the activated carbon filters is minimized and the microorganisms in the water are eliminated by passing through UV lamp filters.
All of our products produced with pure water have been dermatologically tested on 50 volunteers.

Where and why do we use it?

The textile fabric layer that forms the outer surface of our diaper is completely woven with pure water. This weaving process is carried out by first laying the staple fibers that make up the fabric on a plane and then connecting millions of small water grains passing through these cut fibers. In this way, the fibers are both washed with water and a soft bulky fabric is obtained.

In the same way, pure water is used to adjust the pH, ie softness values, of wet towel solutions.

You can find the report of SGS, the world’s leading inspection, inspection, testing and certification organization, a global reference in quality and accuracy, in the image below.

According to dermatological test reports; The test was conducted on 50 volunteers and all participants met the inclusion criteria. According to the results of the test report, as stated in the text below; In the group of 50 people, including those with a previous history of allergic cases, it was observed that our products did not cause an allergic reaction in anyone.

Again, according to the result of the test stated below; It meets the requirements of atopic skin, particularly sensitive, easily irritating property (skin compatibility test) and meets the requirements of cosmetic qualities for what is called hypoallergenic.